Guitar repair prices

Repairs to all stringed things!

Instruments often take a battering, but even extreme damage can be repaired - often almost invisibly. But its not just repairs. If your instrument is not performing at its best, it may still benefit from some attention. Andy can perform anything from a simple set-up, or minor customization, to a total rebuild or restoration of a delicate vintage instrument.

Here is a list of the standard services, please contact Andy for quotes on other jobs.

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guitar set up

Set-up / service

Electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos

Standard set up

  • Cleaning guitar
  • Full check over, tighten parts if needed
  • Machine heads re-fixing if needed
  • Clean and lemon oil fret board
  • Fret level, polish to take out mild wear
  • Restring
  • Truss rod adjustment, action, intonation, pick up adjustment
  • Check nut, re-cut if needed
  • Check electrics / controls, clean if needed

Full set up

  • Standard set up plus full fret dress / re crowning and polish

Standard set up£40, strings extra
Acoustic std. set up£35, strings extra
Acoustic std. 12 string set up£40, strings extra
Locking tremolo std. set up£50, strings extra
Full set up with fret dress£80, strings extra

Problem necks

Uneven necks / fret boards will need to go on the neck jig for fret dressing / levelling

Standard set up on the neck jigfrom £60

Nut replacement

Prices quoted are for supply and fitting

Bone nut£40
Bone saddle£40
Other types / brands of nuts and saddles: Tone Ninja, Tusq, Brass, Graph tech, Graphite, Plasticfrom £26



Prices quoted are for supply and fitting

Switchesfrom £20
Replacement potentiometer (CTS, Bourns, CGE, Alpha)from £20
Jack (Switchcraft)Flange mount (3 exterior screw holes)from £20
 Open typefrom £15
 Barrel typefrom £25



Mandolin / banjofrom £80
Unbound fretboardfrom £160
Bound fretboardfrom £175
Maple fretboard (refinish and re-fret)£200

typical neck reset

Broken necks and headstocks

Varying on type of fracture / break.
When the neck / headstock breaks slacken the strings and keep all the bits of wood safe!

Check out a neck repair

Replace broken truss rodfrom £150
Neck re-setPOA
Finish repairsPOA
Neck repair glue repair onlyfrom £40
Neck repairs and finish repairfrom £100