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Repairs to all stringed things!

Instruments often take a battering, and even extreme damage can be repaired - often invisibly. But its not just repairs. If your instrument is not performing at its best, it may still benefit from some attention. Instruments can be set-up, or customized as required. For example Replacement tremelos, bridges, machine heads, pickups, switches, pots, rewires and custom wiring

Here is a list of the standard services, please contact Andy for quotes on other jobs.

Basic set-up / service

from £30 excluding strings. Includes:

  • check guitar over and tighten parts if needed
  • trussrod adjustment
  • nut and bridge adjustment
  • clean and lemon oil fretboard
  • check over electrics and clean if needed
  • set action and intonation
  • pickup adjustment

Locking trem guitars from £40 excluding strings
as above with trem and locking nut service ( parts extra )

Replacement nuts

  • Plastic nuts supplied and fitted
  • Bone nut supplied and fitted
  • Graphite supplied and fitted
  • Brass, Tusq, Graph tech, nuts available
from £15

Replacement saddles

available in:

  • Plastic supplied and fitted

  • Bone supplied and fitted


Fretdressing, Refrets and Defrets

  • Defrets lined or not
  • Fretdressing. level, reprofile, polish
  • Refrets
  • Bound fretboards

fret choices:
Japanese wire
Hard Dutch wire
Jim Dunlop wire
Width and Height, Hardness of your choice.
from £80
from £120

Broken necks and Headstock

From £30 Varying on type of fracture / break.
When the neck / headstock breaks slacken the strings and keep all the bits of wood safe!

Check out a neck repair

Maarts cherry 12 string (large-bodied 335 style)

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35 inch scale (extra long) 5 string Jazz style bass

35 inch scale (extra long) 5 string Jazz style bass more about this guitar

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