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Electric Guitars

Les Paul style six string electric guitar Telecaster style six string electric guitar Cherry 12 string semi accoustic

Bass Guitars

Active 5 string style jazz bass Active 5 string style jazz bass 5 string Les-paul style bass
4 string cresting wave style bass 6 string headless bass

Bouzoukis, lap-steels and mandolins

Les-Paul Gold top stle bouzouki Traditional style bouzouki Lap-steel guitar

Why a custom instrument?

Custom built instruments allow a musician to really get what they want. It can be made in almost any style, any wood, any choice of finish, and offering features unavailable elsewhere. Need something unusual? Don't look any further!

Having said this some things always work better than others, so when designing your custom instrument, Andy can offer advice on what works well, and how certain things will sound. Whats more the quality of workmanship equals or exceeds the customshop instruments of the big name makers, and often with significantly lower price tags.

If you have any questions about the custom built instruments, please email Andy

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